It is important to visualize what is needed to select the right technology for future extensions in future IPTV services. Due to consumer demand for a better video experience and functional differentiation between competing media providers, future IPTV services should offer two types of TV quality: Standard Definition TV (SDTV) and HDTV. It is even more critical to identify the elements needed for success to launch a successful IPTV service. The success of TopIPTV depends on several factors:

  • availability of appealing content
  • Pay-TV market and operator strengthen the regulatory environment
  • Accessible and affordable high-speed broadband services.



The economy of Scale

An economy of Scale is a feature of a production process or service operation. An increase in the number of production units leads to a decrease in the average fixed cost per unit. By optimizing the economy to operate IPTV services, the risk can be minimized, and the early arrival of ultimate success can be achieved. This translates to the need for access network technology to support more users and mobile TV for future needs.

Scheduled Live Content and Quality Assurance

Quality of service and quality of experience for end-users are identified as essential requirements of IPTV services. In the long run, watching IPTV content is like surfing various websites on the Internet. Consumers get the real value of TopIPTV services by watching unmanaged live or on-demand content provided by other services and media providers worldwide. However, the IPTV channel is still essential to ensure comparable TV quality and similar experiences to traditional cable, satellite, or digital TV services. The success of Head Start and the IPTV service is essential to deliver managed and scheduled SDTV programs with guaranteed quality.


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