Getting a TopIPTV system is not as complicated. The fact is, there are five easy steps anyone can take to learn what to do. Let’s know how to start IPTV streaming with five simple steps.


  1. Buy an Android TV Box


Firstly, you need to buy an Android TV box when setting up IPTV. Android TV has the hardware to decode and play media as soon as it is connected to your TV. It can stream live content from the Internet as long as it is connected to an Ethernet cable or wireless. This type of box replaces your regular LED TV with a Smart TV and provides Smart TV with full entertainment functionality once it is connected to your TV. You do not need to buy an Android TV box to enjoy IPTV if you already have a smart TV. You will be ready for the next step after connecting it to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.


  1. Download an IPTV App



If you select the traditional Android TV box, you need to find the IPTV app to install it. These apps allow you to access your IPTV content and download it easily from the Google Play Store already installed in your TV box. The critical thing to understand is that you need to choose an IPTV system that can support APG and M3U formats to properly load IPTV playlists.


  1. Purchase an IPTV subscription plan



You need to purchase an IPTV subscription plan from a trusted TopIPTV.ca after installing your IPTV app on your device. We provide the best IPTV services at very affordable prices. All channels are HD quality, and our TopIPTV service is very stable.


  1. Connect your IPTV subscription to your android box


You will be provided with an M3U connection or IPTV file when you purchase a subscription plan from a TopIPTV. It will help you connect your IPTV subscription to TV. As soon as they pay for our IPTV plans, we offer their IPTV subscription link to our users. Afterward, click the Add button to add your M3U link or playlist file. Your device will load all available channels and videos when you add it.


  1. Get a VPN


Lastly, I recommend obtaining a virtual private network (VPN) to complete your IPTV setup. There are many reasons why a VPN is a great tool, but we will focus on some of them specifically for IPTV streaming.

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