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People are slowly knowing about the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) concepts and adopting gradually. Many experts predict that the new entertainment sector is already billions dollar industry. Millions of people have already using IPTV as a new way of entertainment at home and counting across the globe.

What is an IPTV and how it is different from conventional Television?

Internet Protocol Television is new to watching TV programs using the internet with a broadband connection. The contents are moved through the IP network instead of traditional routes like satellite signal and physical cable connection.

Users adapting to this technology needn’t install any cable connection. However, there is a need to install the IPTV app to compatible and support the features in a handheld device. The multimedia mobiles can be easily made into a smart Television to get live streaming of IPTV channels and Video on Demands facility.

Apart from that, some TVs require a setup box to support and be compatible with the latest features. That makes even the traditional TV into a smart television to view thousands of channels online and without any buffering.

What makes the IPTV special is the fact that it enables users to watch the contents they love to watch live and later on a recording. It makes the watchers more interactive and engaging in the new technology. Unlike the satellite signals, users can use the remote to search for contents they love to watch. Contents may be a live TV show, movie, and others from local and international channels.

What are the advantages of IPTV over the traditional one?

An increasing number of people in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and other parts are using the new technology to enhance their TV watching experience. Many are abandoning the trade cable connection with this installation, which comes at a low price. In addition to that, users may enjoy many benefits, unlike the traditional one. Here are some of the top advantages:

Bring thousands of HD channels on a subscription

The Internet Protocol Television providers offer thousands of channels to users on a subscription package. They get a chance to watch full HD channels and VOD from local and foreign countries.

Cost-effective service compared to traditional cable connection

The fee for an IPTV subscription is comparatively less than a traditional cable connection. It saves a few bucks for users with a monthly package.

Premium TV watching experience

The users get an enhanced TV watching experience using the package. The users become active watchers using the remote requesting and searching for desired contents. This is in contrast to the traditional Television watching experience.

Fast Loading channels for users

There is no need to wait for downloading files or wait to buffer in an IPTV service. The fast-loading channels will enhance the viewing experience for users. However, there must be a reliable server and internet connection for users.


The IPTV sector is set to grow at an exponential rate in the entertainment world. The industry is still at its nascent stage with so much left for growth and generate user-base. However, technology geeks predict this entertainment sector will be up in popularity, cutting the cables among the users.

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