I will begin this post by a good news for our active and premium customers, guess what?

This idea can bring you more money, only with referring your relatives and customers to TOPIPTV website.

YES ON  JUST referring you will be able to generate 20 %  of your customers sales.

All the products and services are included: IPTV subscription, Android Box, Accessories and Small Office & Home Office Services.

A subscription to TOPIPTV Affiliate Programis required.  

We are pleased to announce TOPIPTV affiliate program.

1-What is it TOPIPTV Affiliate Program ?

Affiliate Program will help you earn  20 %  of referred customer’s bills, you can use earning on different ways :

a-Buy products and services on TOPIPTV website.
b-Get your earning with bank  deposit or paypal deposit after reaching 100 CAD.

2-HOW to subscribe to TOPIPTV  Affiliate Program?

As you are our first premium customer your will be enrolled to our program without any cost, just let support know and open a ticket.

3-How to use TOPIPTV Affiliate program?

After account activation by  TOPIPTV support, go to your accounton  TOPIPTV Affiliate Program  and  get your unique referral link,  you  can add it to mail signature, business card , social media profile, share with whatsapp, put a link on your website…and more.

When customer comes from this link you begin earning money.

4-How can I have an idea about earning?

Again go to your account dashboardof your Affiliate Program account, you can see in there statistics about customers and your earning.

Finally you can withdrawals money after reaching 100 CAD.

If you have any concern, don’t hesitate to contact support.


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