The IPTV subscribers are continually growing around the globe, which has touched 1.1 billion in June 2019. IPTV is the new cable killer in countries such as Canada, China, and America, among others. The new way of watching TV has grown at the expense of regular TV broadcasters around the world.

Given the popularity of IPTV service, many providers have flooded the market. It has added to the confusion of new users in figuring out which provider would be best for them. Hence it is imperative to know about the technology first before selecting a provider.

What makes an IPTV provider best in the market?

, Which is the best IPTV service provider in Canada?, TOPIPTV

In Canada, there are dozens of IPTV providers operating in the market. But, you must see their services quality, package prices, and satisfaction of customers. The best IPTV provider should have the following features to be the best in this industry:

Quality services

The primary reason for taking an IPTV service is entertainment. That enjoyment comes to a user receiving quality IPTV services consistently on subscription. The picture quality must be in high definition and browse without buffering. A provider can provide live shows and TV programs in HD if it has a reliable server and infrastructure. Make sure to look at the support of a provider before selection.

Packages of subscription

Reliable companies offer several IPTV subscription packages to users. The price of a monthly package shouldn’t be too high or low. Further, there should be a reasonable demo period to see the quality of services and operations.

For instance, TOPIPTV charges 17 CAD for a month, 33 CAD for 3 months and 84 CAD for one year. The packages have competitive prices and offer VIP access to a subscriber.


The IPTV service should run smoothly on all devices and platforms. There are regular TV, smart TV, LED, LCD and other IPTV devices. Even the regular TV can be made smart IPTV installing the set-top box to convert the information into signals. Further, it must be compatible with Android devices, Apple devices iOS, MAG boxes, Enigma2 boxes, STB Emulators and other apps.

Technical support to resolve issues

Subscribers may face many technical issues which require a quick resolution. Every company provides a professional support team to resolve these issues. If a company does provide excellent tech support, it is better to proceed with them.

The TOPIPTV has a 24-hour ticket system to get reliable support and resolve the issues. Besides the quality IPTV service, the company offers many accessories to deliver a fantastic experience to subscribers.

TOP IPTV, as a top IPTV provider, is entertaining thousands of subscribers across Canada. Their subscribers are snowballing over the years due to quality services, HD IPTV channels, accessories, and other features. Contact them to subscribe now.

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